Recommender Systems

You can recommend interesting products to clients as favorable product choices to retain customers and increase profits.

  • Input: transaction data, customer information

  • Output: products, which are the most likely to be bought by a customer

Cross sell

Increase your sales and revenues by recommending interesting items to your customers, based on their shopping history.

  • Input: transaction data, customer information

  • Output: products, which are the most likely to be additionally bought by a customer

Up sell

Identify new opportunities for upselling within your customer base.

  • Input: information about other products bought, tenure, demographics, transaction data

  • Output: Identification of customers who are the most likely to up-sell the product


Discover different types of customers and classify them based on their shopping behaviors. Using segmentation, you can manage to find these behavioral patterns and use them to rethink your campaign strategy and budget more effectively.

  • Input: transaction data, customer information

  • Output: customers split into segments