Market Basket Analysis

Identify which items are frequently bought together and manage your promotions, strategies and make them more accessible by changing store layout or promotions.

  • Input: transaction data

  • Output: most common baskets for each product

Recommender Systems

Be able to recommend interesting items to your clients. Reliable recommendations can increase your sales, the engagement and retention of your customers.

  • Input: transaction data, customer information

  • Output: products, which are the most likely to be bought by a customer

Sales Forecasting

Predict how much of a product or products will be sold and adjust your stock accordingly.

  • Input: transaction data, customer information

  • Output: sales forecast


Discover different types of customers and classify them based on their shopping behaviors. Using segmentation, you can manage to find these behavioral patterns and use them to rethink your campaign strategy and budget more effectively.

  • Input: transaction data, customer information

  • Output: customers split into segments