Churn Rate Optimization

Enables you to flag customers at risk and target them to optimize their retention.

  • Input: usage data, billing data, ARPU, demographic data, call center data

  • Output: churn score for every line, identification of potential churners

Social Network Analysis

Identifies roles of people in the network: Alpha users, linkers or opinion makers, as well as community layers such as family, friends or colleagues.

  • Input: call detail records data

  • Output: network from calls

Behavioral Segmentation

Finds various usage patterns between the lines, for example onnet/offnet callers, business hours/weekend callers, customers with heavy data usage etc.

  • Input: calling usage, data usage for segmentation, ARPU, tenure, demographic data, VAS, customer information

  • Output: cluster assignment to every line and profiling of the clusters

Value Segmentation

Determines the value each customer brings to your business.

  • Input: customer information, ARPU

  • Output: cluster assignment to every line