We Are Knoyd

Hello, we are Knoyd. Nice to meet you!

We are delighted to introduce to you Knoyd, our newborn company.

Knoyd is the result of our dreams and efforts and some hard work so far (and much more to come) and Knoyd is here now to help you know your data, as that’s exactly the key to success. With so many companies and businesses out there, only the strongest can survive. And to be among those in this data-driven world, it is essential to understand your data. It can be as simple as that. Intuition can be useful, but it can very rarely compete with data! However, data on its own is not much more than 0s and 1s taking up your storage space, and that’s where we come on the scene. We will translate your 0s and 1s (or whatever the form of your data is) to meaningful and useful information with regard to your company’s particularities and needs. The best thing about data is that it doesn’t only talk about the past but it can also predict future (creepy? we rather think of it as awesome), be it the future behavior of your customers or employees, sales or rental prices (which are just the tiniest tip of the iceberg of the possibilities, but we’ll get to talk about more applications soon).

Who are we?

We are three young zealous people who met some years ago, became friends, and then after while took different paths until at one point we met again and decided to join our efforts in creating something remarkable, building on our knowledge and experience collected from our lives, different companies and universities across Europe. But most importantly, we are here for you to enhance your business.

If you would like to Knoyd with us or know more about knoyding, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll talk about the best solution for you. Future is data and Knoyd is here to help you get ready for it!