FinAccel Disrupts Asian FinTech Space. We Helped ;-)

It always gives us great pleasure to see, when one of our clients gets recognition for the great work they are doing. It is even better, if they are enabling people from developing countries to do things, which were not possible only a little while ago. This is exactly what FinAccel is doing.

As was written in a TechCrunch article last week:

“...the idea is to disrupt the credit industry by enabling consumers to reap the benefits with a model that be[ne]fits today’s digital era. FinAccel’s product — Kredivo — is designed to sit at the point of sale like Visa, but enable customers to pay with one click and make repayments to FinAccel directly.”

FinAccel now has an excellent foundations to leverage data in their product. TechCrunch says the following about the way FinAccel uses data for the benefit of their customers:

“The service uses over 1,800 data points to assess the credit worthiness of the applicant inside two minutes. Beyond expected information such as salary and job information, Garg said other variables considered including social media information from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others.”

We hope that our technology will provide an excellent stepping stone for the future development of FinAccel’s product and will help them achieve their expansion goals.